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Tai Goo ..."Celebrating over 30 years as a professional bladesmith".

I began my knifemaking career in 1978.

Prior to that, I studied jewelry making and blacksmithing. Since then I have specialized in many types of knives, including art knives, working knives, edged fetishes, fantasy knives, neo-tribal knives and bush knives.

On the technical side, I enjoy working with meteoritic damascus steel, mokume gane, fabricated silver and gold, traditional Japanese alloys, like shakudo and shibuichi, reticulated silver, fancy quench lines, relief carving and sculpting.

My current shop is a very basic set up. I rely primarily on hand hammers and simple hand tools. I pride myself in forging blades very closely to shape, to minimize stock reduction. I take every effort to assure proper forging, geometry and heat treating on each knife I make. The emphasis of my work is on innovation, concept, design, technique, and original hand craftsmanship.

I also offer lessons and instruction for knifemaking and metalsmithing at my shop, in the beautiful Sonoran desert, just outside Tucson Arizona.

  “Tai is one of the true artists in this craft. His work is constantly evolving and changing. Creator of the Neo-Tribal metalsmiting movement, he has stimulated a revival of interest in hand made knives.” Don Fogg

“Tai Goo is the master and the originator of modern "bushcraft" knives.” Steve Hayden

“Tai Goo. Eccentric genius.” Jim Cooper

** Tai Goo is founder of the Neo-Tribal Metalsmiths **
Neo-tribal Metalsmiths International

Tai Goo Knives - custom hand forged knives - neo-tribal blades

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